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Club Timetable

We believe very strongly in giving the best for your children both in formal lessons and in extra-curricular opportunities. A big part of this commitment to working hard; playing hard, is to run a series of clubs, which we hope to expand over the year. Below is a timetable of those initial clubs starting next week. If you wish your child to participate in any of these clubs, please send back the cut off slip on the letters sent out, signed with the clubs ticked and we can organise registers—the letters can be accessed from the Club Letter page. All children who sign up will be given a place, unless we contact those children in the event of having to pick people out of a hat where we health and safety are compromised.

PE kits are required for netball and gym/dance, but football kits, trainers and football boots (plus shin pads) are needed for football and rugby. If it is raining netball, football and rugby may be cancelled, so please ring the school to find out.