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EYFS Reception – France A & B Classes

Picture 1 EYFS Reception Class - France A Mrs Pyne
Picture 2 EYFS Reception Class - France B Miss Dixon

EYFS News 7th December

27th November

EYFS visit to Dawlish Fire Station 


EYFS travelled to visited Dawlish Fire Station where we learnt about some of the dangers in our homes, the safety equipment needed to fight fires and how some of the equipment works. We had a great time exploring the Fire Station despite the wet weather! Many thanks to Dawlish Fire Station. 


''The best bit was squirting the hose.'' Shae


''The Fire Jacket is really heavy.'' Maisie 



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Picture 2

16th November

The Police visit to EYFS  


EYFS children throughly enjoyed the visit from PSCO Michelle and PC Mark. We learnt about how to keep ourselves safe and how the Police help our community. We tried on Police uniform and went into the Police van! 


'' They don't just get baddies, they help us too.'' Isla


''I turned on the sirens! It was so loud!'' Keiran 

EYFS News 9th November

RNLI visitor 


We had a visit from an RNLI volunteer who taught us about how to keep safe at sea. He showed us some of the equipment that the RNLI team use to rescue people. 


''If you need help, you need to wave your hands and shout help, help, help.'' Jacob

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Picture 2

National Teddy Bear Day 


On Wednesday the 10th October we celebrated National Bring your Teddy to School Day. We enjoyed looking after our bears, cooking bear biscuits and visiting the school forest. We learnt the song 'If you go down in the woods today' and we acted the story 'Going on a bear hunt.'                                                                                        

EYFS Newsletter 5 October 2018

Supporting learning at home 

October 2018

Start of the Autumn Term 2018

We have enjoyed getting to know the children and finding out what they already know. This has allowed us to plan play opportunities which will match the interests and needs of the unit. We have introduced routines and structures of the day including; break times, lunch in the hall, rewards and behaviour management and some assemblies. We are looking forward to learning more about the children and the year ahead.

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EYFS Newsletter 15 June

Head Lice - 23 May

A case of head lice has been reported, please check and treat your child's hair as necessary.

EYFS News 18 May

Reception have had nine very fluffy visitors for the last 2 weeks! They have been observing the chicks hatch and grow and have thought very carefully about how to look after the chicks. They have helped to feed, water and clean the chicks out daily- they grew very quickly! Reception were very lucky to be able to use their PTA trip money to pay for the chicks, they have taught the boys and girls a lot about growth, change and caring for living things. The children (and grown-ups) are very sad to say bye to the chicks as they return to Farmer Brown to become free range Hens and Cockerels.

Little Chicks

Little Chicks 1
Little Chicks 2
Little Chicks 3
Little Chicks 4

World Book Day with the Year 5's

World Book Day with the Year 5's 1
World Book Day with the Year 5's 2
World Book Day with the Year 5's 3
World Book Day with the Year 5's 4
World Book Day with the Year 5's 5
World Book Day with the Year 5's 6
World Book Day with the Year 5's 7
World Book Day with the Year 5's 8
World Book Day with the Year 5's 9
World Book Day with the Year 5's 10
World Book Day with the Year 5's 11
World Book Day with the Year 5's 12