About our School

Why Our School Is So Special!

The atmosphere of the school is that of partnership and togetherness, with the community spirit being nurtured carefully through the involvement of the local community.

We are proud of the friendly atmosphere here, which is enhanced by the help and involvement we receive from parents and the wider community. Many parents support the curriculum voluntarily (holding reading conferences or helping at after-school clubs) and the school responds by holding regular meetings and events for parents to feel included in their child’s early life – for example we have a Christmas Fayre and Summer Festival - and there are lots of productions.

We benefit from having extensive grounds, which have been well developed to provide learning spaces more suitable for today’s curriculum. The curriculum is rich and varied with many opportunities to extend learning through educational visits, enrichment clubs and residential experiences. We work closely with children and their families to try and make their time spent at Gatehouse challenging, memorable and most importantly, fun.

However, we want to get better and better, so we can be the best school in the world, so why not join us and help us in this journey?

Why Our Children Are So Special!

We live for our children. They are everything to us. We have wonderful children that make up our school and all of them are very special to us. They brighten up the mornings, make our lessons an exciting learning experience and fill the breaktimes with fun and laughter. They take part in everything that we have to offer and then come back for more. It is the children who give our school its energy, its vibrancy and its excitement and it is our children that we serve.

On meeting our children you can sense the warmth of the welcome as you are surrounded by smiling faces eager to show you their work and share their achievements. Each child is immediately looked after and encouraged to grow by the other children – there is a real sense of community as the children seek to learn together for the future. Such a school deserves the very best education and that is what we are committed to providing.

Why Our Staff Are Special!

We want to give our children as many exciting learning opportunities as possible, so our dedicated and skilled staff work late into the evenings to devise the best possible lessons or run fun clubs for our children to enjoy and learn from. They love our children and strive daily to give them the best possible start in life, acting as fine role models, as well as excellent professionals. Their aim is to make our children’s dreams come true.

Each member of staff is special in their own right, with their own brilliance and areas of excellence, whether it is in music, drama or sport. But all of our staff are fabulous teachers of the whole curriculum, who deserve our support and trust.

Our leaders believe their job is to serve the children and staff, leading them to new heights of excellence and helping them fulfil their dreams for bright tomorrows.

Warm regards

Mr David Batchelor (BA Honours, PGCE, NPQH)

Head Of Teaching And Learning

Our school joined the First Federation Trust on 1st July 2017. We will be adopting the First Federation Trust policies over the next few months. These policies can be found on the First Federation Trust website at: http://www.firstfederation.org/topic/policies’ (The direct link for Safeguarding information is: http://www.firstfederation.org/safeguarding/