15th October 2015

Good attendance at school is essential for a pupil’s education and establishes a positive working ethos early in life. 100% attendance is certainly possible, but in the event of your child being away from school it is essential that you, the parent inform the school of the reasons for absence.

WHY? The Education Act 1996 requires parents and carers to ensure their child receives efficient fulltime education, suitable to their age, ability, aptitude and any special needs they may have, either by regular attendance at school or otherwise. Under current government legislation, all absence figures, together with the reasons for absence have to be reported to the Schools Governing Body, Local Authority (LA), and the Department for Education (DfE).

Authorised Absence: is when the school has accepted the explanation offered as satisfactory justification for the absence, or given approval in advance for such an absence.

Unauthorised Absence: is when the school has not received a reason for absence or has not approved a child’s absence from school after a parent’s request.

Repeated medical absences will require us to request that you obtain medical evidence from your doctor’s surgery. This may be in the form of a date stamped compliment slip confirming your visit, or prescription or medicine bottle. Any of the above is to be shown to a member of the school office. (Please note: that the school is not asking any parent to incur a charge for such information and will not be liable for the cost.)

There is a clear connection between regular attendance and achievement. As attendance deteriorates, so does performance, achievement, friendship circles and self-esteem.

The achievement and maintenance of high levels of attendance is the shared responsibility of parents, guardians or carers, the school with its Governing Body and the Local Authority.

To improve attendance the school looks at absences as outlined in the attendance policy and will want to work with parents to try and resolve persistent absences/lateness as working together is often the most effective way of making progress in improving children’s attendance and their learning.

Letters will be sent to parents if a child’s attendance is causing concern or in some cases parents will be requested to come into the school to meet with the headteacher and education welfare officer.

We celebrate good attendance at Gatehouse School by:

Awarding an ‘attendance bear’ to the class with the highest attendance each week

By having a half termly reward for the class with the highest attendance that half term

By giving a draw ticket each week to children who have 100% attendance each week.  The draw to take place termly. The prize is a £30 Argos voucher.  This was decided by School Parliament.

Badges for children who have 100% attendance for the whole term.