29th February 2016

The last academic year our school achieved 95.65%, this year the Education Welfare Officer has suggested a new target of 96.5%.

Across the country many schools are achieving this goal, let’s work together to be successful.

Research suggests that children who are taken out of school may never catch up on the learning they have missed.

Children who struggle with English or Mathematics may also find it even harder to cope when they return to school, while younger children may find it difficult to renew friendships with their classmates.

Please try to make medical appointments outside school hours.  Remember, where possible, to bring in proof of illness e.g. letter, appointment card

The law requires parents to ensure their children receive an efficient full time education, and every minute of the day is important.  Please help them not to miss any of this valuable time.

The Education Welfare Officer strives to support schools, parents and pupils with the aim of ensuring and promoting good attendance and punctuality.

Lateness – punctuality is an important life skill, it is also polite.  If children arrive after 9.00am they will receive an unauthorised mark even though we are aware that the pupil is on the school premises in accordance with health and safety.

If a child is uncollected, a parent may be running late, it may be necessary due to staff being unable to supervise for the child to be placed in the after school club and this will incur a charge.

Remember a fixed penalty notice can be requested by the school if at least 10 sessions (equivalent to five school days) of unauthorised absence by the pupil within the previous six months, see our attendance policy for full details.

Other local schools in the area are fining, please be aware.