Button Box Review

27th April 2016

The Button Box Performance by Claire Hannaford (Parent Governor)

It was a real joy and privilege to be able to watch the KS2 performance of ‘The Button Box’ at the end of last term.  'The Button Box' took me and everyone else on a journey around the world in song!

A brother and sister are staying with their grandparents and whilst the rain is pouring down outside, they are stuck inside and very bored.  They accidentally knock over Grandma's button box - and an assortment of weird and wonderful buttons spill out across the floor and there's a story behind each one. As the children hand the buttons to Grandma she explains where they came from - and the full story behind each button is revealed in a song. The dialogue also reveals some interesting family history - and Grandad’s failed attempts to go on a diet!

I was so impressed with the acting and singing from all the children and the play was entertaining throughout with song styles from many countries and cultures including: Australian Aborigine, Chinese, Jamaican, African, American, Indian and Irish, as well as music hall, pop and sea shanty.