Health and Safety

13th March 2016

Dear Parents/carers

Health and safety is an important consideration for our school. We will take all reasonable steps to provide a safe and caring environment for children, staff and our visitors.

Presently we are reviewing safety at school.  You will notice our caretaker is now present at the school car park gate which is now locked at 8.30am and Mr Lawley will supervise cars coming in and out of the school at drop off and collection times.

It is vital that the drop off zone is used purely for this purpose and no cars should be parked on the zig zag lines.  Please be aware highways will be monitoring parking around the school and issuing parking tickets where necessary.

The pencil gate is in need of repair and will be back in use very soon.  Please can we request that the bottom gate, in the field, is not used as an access point for the school. This gate is locked and used for other purposes and we are concerned it may get damaged by children and parents climbing over it. 

Children and parents/carers can wait together in the playground before school. Children are welcome into class from 8.40am.  One bell rings at 8.45am and children should come into school so that they are ready at their desks for register at 8.50am.  Unaccompanied children should not be on the school site before 8.40am as staff will not be outside before that time. Children will be marked late with a ‘L’ mark if they arrive at school after 8.50am. For safety reasons the classroom doors will be now locked from 8.50am and if children arrive between 8.50am - 9.00am they need to knock on the classroom door for an adult to let them in. Registers are closed by 9.00am. Children who arrive after 9.00am must come into the building via the main office, where they will be entered in the late book and will receive a ‘U’ mark which equates to an absence although we are aware that the pupil is on school premises in accordance with health and safety.

Children are not allowed on the play equipment before or after school.  We request that parents, carers and children leave the premises at the end of school and not remain on site.

Thank you for your support and understanding.  If you have any observations regarding safety please do let us know in writing via our comments box in the school office or email and we will respond.