Space Day Year 5

20th January 2017

Space Day in Year 5

Space day was rocketing success in Year 5. Children came to school with some phenomenal and creative space-themed costumes. There were a variety of activities between the two classes to engage and inspire children to learn about Space. Our morning started with a scavenger hunt outside the classroom. Children searched for fact cards to answer questions about our Solar System. During the day the year 5’s travelled to ‘Mission Control’ and were given a challenge to solve. They used balloons to create rockets that could send vital supplies to the International Space Station.

Liam, India-:”The best part of Space Day was the scavenger hunt because I learnt lots of facts about space: Mars has 2 moons that are called Phobos and Deimos”


Ruby Fay, India: “I liked the way that everyone dressed and all of the fun activities that we had. The best was when we had to work as a team to send food to the astronauts on the ISS.”


Kacey, Japan: “I liked the Mission Control activity when we worked as a team to send food into Space because it helped us to make better friendships as a team as well as learn.”


Lawrence Mackenzie, Japan: “My favourite part of the day was when we made a rocket to the ISS. It was interesting to hear how different other people’s ideas were.”