Year Group Curriculums

We created our school curriculum in a systematic and thoughtful way.
We began with our values statement, which includes the following statement:
"As a school committed to making the dreams of our children come true, we believe in:

a warm, welcoming, inclusive atmosphere that celebrates achievement and is full of opportunities, both during lessons and through a wide range of learning activities.

  1. excellence in learning, leadership and teaching of a broad, balanced, inspirational, integrated and creative curriculum, underpinned by the development of basic skills within a vibrant, challenging and interactive environment.

  2. the potential of the environment and ICT to enhance and extend learning and teaching across the whole curriculum and beyond it where appropriate.

  3. nurturing and valuing each individual’s talents, abilities, learning styles, strengths and qualities, based on high, but achievable expectations.

  4. encouraging everyone to believe in themselves, build self-esteem and allow time for reflection on personal and academic development.

  5. encouraging values of love, empathy, respect, honesty, trust and forgiveness and also celebrating a broad range of beliefs, opinions and ways of life.

  6. creating a safe, secure and calm learning environment in which all are engaged in learning and strive to achieve their full potential, whilst also feeling confident that they can learn from their mistakes."

We proceeded through consulting the children and finding their interests and then aligning them with the National Curriculum in England. We then sought to create exciting and vibrant themes to join up learning across the curriculum. The result is the following series of documents. However our curriculum is ever evolving and subject to change to stay faithful to our commitment to make our curriculum guided by the interests of our children.
Our reading scheme is a mixture of different schemes banded into groups that have the same difficulty level - our main scheme is Read, Write Inc.
For phonics we use Letters and Sounds, though we also draw resources from Read, Write Inc.