29th February 2016

Please take a moment to read this important information that impacts costs to you and help, joy & memories to your children.


Firstly, we'd like to say hello from Gatehouse Academy PTA, some of you may be aware of us and our small group and what we do. For those of you who don't this is to fill you in and give you a bit more information.


Currently we are a group of about 6 working mums/teachers with children in the school. We arrange discos, cake sales and other fun events for the children throughout the school year.

We also do lots of fundraising to provide money to buy things for the school via sponsors and with the help of the school parliament we gather feedback from the children about what they would like to be bought.

We also provide large contributions towards the school trips each year to help bring the costs down for the parents in turn benefiting the children and allowing them to experience more fun and learning in different settings.

We have also over the last couple of years been bringing to you all the very successful Summer Fest (maximising on our lovely grounds) and the Xmas grotto and market (which we know the children have absolutely loved).

We have provided at the children's request; water fountains, white boards, camera equipment, wet weather boxes & negotiated a generous gift of a full ICT update for the foundation class. We are planning to purchase a new oven for the home zone shortly, which is desperately needed.

We are extremely gratefully for all of your support in these events and enabling us to purchase and provide these items for the children.

All of these things take alot of time, effort, people power and support from parents, teachers and members of the community. However we do need more help and support from parents or grandparents of the school to help us to continue to do the work that we do. Sadly if we cannot increase the number of members the PTA, we may not be able to continue to run long term which would mean an end to All of the above fun things. We are not asking for a full time commitment we hold a meeting approx. once a month depending on what activities are scheduled and what planning is needed. We meet after school and children are welcome to come to so you needn't worry that you can't make it due to childcare issues.

We try and share jobs out between everyone be it the Facebook page, making posters or using contacts to gather prizes etc. even helping to set up events is a great help.  If you can't make every meeting but want to be involved and have your say to help us to provide more things to help benefit your children please please contact us via the pta email or Facebook page or one of us directly.


Our next meeting will be on March 16th in Mrs Scott’s classroom we really hope to see you there.

We will be making a decision on the future of the current PTA and it continuing by the end of the year.