PTA News

10th November 2015

Welcome to the first of our regular (we hope!) newsletters, to inform you all of what we, as the PTA, have been up to.


Last Academic year, we held many successful events and managed to raise an impressive amount of money. Below are a list of the events and the profits raised:

● Spooky Disco – £261.63

● Dawlish Christmas Market – £749.64

● Christmas Fayre – £911.26

● Valentines Cake Sale – £106.45

● Valentine Disco – £191.23

● End of Term Cake Sale – £178.10

● Summer Fayre – £2.032.23


Donations 2014-2015 Academic Year

Our main objective is to raise money to plough directly back in to the Academy to benefit the children. Last year we spent monies raised on the following:

● Money to Subsidise Trips – £2,800.00

● Purchased a Snare Drum for Music Lessons – £40.00

● Purchased Whiteboards for outside Classrooms – £172.83

● Purchased Digital Cameras, Cases, Memory Cards,

Tripod & Camcorder for Whole School – £914.54

● Paid for Years 4 & 5 Taiko Drumming Workshop – £537.80

● Paid for the Year 6 Leaving Gifts – £100.00


Your Support

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for your support at our events. We hope you and your children enjoy them as much as we do and we hope to see you at the above events we have planned.


Date Activity Notes

Thursday 12th November - PTA Meeting Mrs Scott’s Classroom

Thursday 26th November - Non-Uniform Day Chocolate donations for Christmas Market please

Friday 4th December - Non-Uniform Day Chocolate donations for Christmas Market please

Sunday 6th December - Dawlish Town Christmas Market The Strand, help needed 8am – 4pm

Friday 11th December - School Christmas Fayre help needed to organise, set up, run & tidy away


Contacting Us

You can contact us through our Facebook pages-

Gatehouse School PTA

Gatehouse School PTA Events Page

You can also email us

You can also get in touch by leaving a message in the Academy Office which will then get passed on to us.


Fundraising Activities 2015-2016 Academic Year

This year we have already held a successful Spooky Disco seeing the return of the very popular DJ Chris with his great tunes and fun games. This managed to raise another £223.40. We also have the following planned so far:

● Dawlish Christmas Market – Sunday 6th December

● Christmas Fayre – Friday 11th December

● Valentines Cake Sale – Date TBC

● Valentine Disco – Thursday 11th February

● End of Term Cake Sale – Date TBC

● Summer Fayre – Date TBC


Donations ‘How your money is spent’

Money raised is spent on purchasing items and funding activities. The Academy request purchases and donations and we, as a PTA, vote to make sure everyone is happy for the money to be spent in such a way. This year we have already written a cheque for over £3,000.00 to subsidise trips for each class. Feedback received from teachers last year was that parents appreciated the lower costs to send their children on trips so we were all happy to donate this money again this year. All events are organised and run by volunteers. We work hard throughout the year to plan exciting events but can

only do so much. If you would like to help organise an existing event or even a new one, please do come along to our next meeting. See ‘Dates for Your Diary’ for information.



We always receive parent and teacher help during our events but we really could do with a few more people at our regular meetings. We hold a meeting approximately every 2-4 weeks, depending on activities in the pipeline, and use this time to discuss previous activities, money requests, upcoming events, etc. Our meetings always take place after school and children are always welcome along. They are very informal and everyone is welcome including parents, carers, sibling, other relatives, teachers, teaching assistants……….

As we are very few, we all have to take on several roles and in the build up to Christmas this can become a strain!!!

We are looking for enthusiastic people to help us organise and run our events. Help can come in the form of:

● Running our Facebook Page

● Rounding up prizes for our Christmas Draw

● Ticketing Chocolate donations for the Christmas Market

● Booking stall holders for our Christmas Fayre

● Decorating our Santa’s Grotto

● Keeping our Noticeboards up to date

● Creating regular Newsletters such as this (I’m sure it could be so much more eye-catching!!!)

● Hanging Banners to promote events


If you think you could help out with any of the above jobs, or if you have any other skills to offer, please do come along to our next meeting. One final point to make is that coming to a meeting, or two, does not commit you to ‘sign up’ to the PTA! Just come along and see if you are able to help support us in our activities, you never know, you might just enjoy it!!