School Parliament

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Gatehouse Primary Academy

School Parliament


School Parliament Mission Statement:


  • To ensure that our school is a safe and happy place for children.


  • To listen to suggestions from the children in our class and then discuss the ideas at our weekly parliament meetings.


  • To report ideas and decisions back to our class.




What we do:

Our elected School Parliament meets every week. The aim of the School Parliament is to involve the children in making decisions in what happens at school. It is an important job which teaches democracy and responsibility.


Parliament Members take ideas to class for discussion then report back to our weekly meetings. They also listen to suggestions from children in their class which they raise at the meetings.  Parliament then discuss these ideas at the meeting and agree

School Parliament members

China class                 Alexander

Indonesia class           Charlie Ann

Japan class                Owen

India class                 Emily

Ghana                       Rueben

Egypt                        Hayden

Morocco                    Warren

Madagascar               Laurence

Kenya                       Georgia

South Africa               Ella

Norway                     Heidi