Sustainability - Paperless

7th December 2015

At school we would like to lessen the amount of paper used across the school day.  We are aware that lots of local schools make more use of electronic communication; therefore in the future we are going to be using email addresses to communicate as much information as possible.  However we understand this is not a good option for everyone so if you would still like to receive paper copy of letters please let Sue in the office know or please also inform her if you are not already receiving the information by email so she can check your address.  Many thanks.



As a school we have decided not to use Facebook/Instagram as a way of communicating to parents/carers.

We do have a twitter account which we post notices on and various updates; we generally do not answer other user’s notifications on this site.  Gatehouse School @gatehouseace

The PTA do have a Facebook page and they monitor this site and update it.

We are aware that there is a Parent’s of Gatehouse Primary School Facebook page, this site is not administered by school staff.

If you do have concerns, queries or questions regarding the school please do pop into the office where our staff can help you and answer you directly.