Up to date Bad Weather Plan January 2017

12th January 2017

BAD WEATHER PLAN (Parents)                       12th January 2017


In the light of bad weather which forced the school to close in the past, and with the possibility that severe weather may occur over the next week or so, we thought this was a good opportunity to remind parents of our ‘Bad Weather Plan’. We hope this is clear and allows you to make appropriate arrangements in advance, rather than having to make hasty last minute plans.

In the event that we are struck by severe weather overnight:

  • The message “Today is a snow day, please follow the bad weather plan” will be placed on the school answerphone (option 3 – Daily information) and website after 8.00am.
  • School will not open until 10.30am to enable as many staff as possible to get in, and will close at 3.20pm. Please do not bring your child to school before 10.30am.
  • There will be no breakfast or after-school club.
  • In the interest of safety we ask that ALL PUPILS, STAFF and PARENTS come to school by foot, reducing the risk of car accidents.
  • ALL PUPILS, STAFF and PARENTS will enter the school site through the large blue gates and move straight across the zebra crossing entering the school through the main office doors.
  • No outdoor play will take place before, during or after school, unless staff members on site consider it safe to do so.
  • Lunch will only be provided for pupils entitled to Free School Meals. All other pupils will require a packed lunch.
  • Pupils should wear clothing and footwear (eg. Wellies) that is suitable for them to journey to and from school safely in bad weather; uniform will not have to be worn.
  • We will provide a curriculum that matches the number of staff we have available.

In the event that we feel the need to close the school during the day in order to ensure the children and staff are able to return home safely, the office will contact you by text or phone to ask you to collect your child/children as soon as you possibly and safely can.


If school MUST close due to consequences of the severe weather (lack of heating or amenities, pavements over slippy/icy causing a safety hazard, flooding etc), a message will be placed on the answerphone and website by 9.30am. Devon County Council, Radio Devon, Palm FM and Heart FM will be made aware of a school closure at the earliest possible convenience.

We recognise that this plan may mean that parents arrive later at work or have to leave early, but we appreciate your support with this and believe it will minimise the need for a school closure.


Yours Sincerely


Mrs C Shanahan