Vist from National Pantomime Group

8th January 2016
Dear Parents (and children!),

We have a very exciting start to our new year with a National Pantomime Group visiting us on Monday 18th January to perform their version of Peter Pan to the whole school. The group is called M&M Theatrical Productions and they have visited the school in previous years, bringing lots of energy and fun to their performances.

Last year they contacted us with the opportunity to host a free performance of Aladdin, as they had been cancelled at the last minute in a local school. The children thoroughly enjoyed this so we agreed to book a performance with them again for this year.

The PTA have kindly donated £300.00 towards the cost which we greatly appreciate as a school. This has enabled us to bring the voluntary contribution per pupil down to £2.50, which is extremely good value for money for a professional pantomime performance, which at a theatre, would cost considerably more.

Please advise us if there are any issues with your child seeing a theatre production and return the slip  with your voluntary contribution by Tuesday 12th January, allowing them to attend.

We feel that this is an invaluable opportunity for all children to see a professional pantomime.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns regarding this performance.

Best wishes,

Claire Shanahan (Mrs)

Deputy Headteacher