Year 5 – Roman Day 17th September 2015

1st September 2015

We are starting our new topic, ‘the Great, the Bold and the Brave’ and with a real treat for the children! The topic covers the Ancient Greeks and the Romans and the children will discover the importance of the legacy that they left. Our nearest Roman town is Exeter, known as Isca in Roman times and we will be visited by a Roman soldier!

Children will travel back to AD53, becoming part of the local Dumnonii tribe and facing the very real dilemma – Will they choose to fight the Roman Army, join its ranks or submit to it and live in peace? Through this workshop, children will develop their skills of asking good historical questions and will spend time handling some of the museums original and replica artefacts. The children will handle food such as wheat and olive oil so please let your teacher know if they have an allergy. The Roman soldier will also give the children a taste of army life, training them to complete some military drill! I’m sure you will agree that this will equate to a truly memorable day that will bring their studies to life!

Children will need to attend in costume, wearing a typical Briton costume consisting of a long, baggy tunic over trousers, belted with wool or thin chain/rope. They may wear a long sleeved t-shirt under the tunic for warmth. It is believed that Britons wore colourful, patterned clothes with long, woollen cloaks for warmth. Please ensure there are no logo’s showing!

They will also require a home-made shield made out of cardboardand notes are available from the museum to help.

A voluntary contribution of £2.50 per child is required for the workshop to go ahead. Unfortunately, unless sufficient funds are raised we will be unable to hold this event.

On the day at 3pm, you are invited to attend a short presentation giving you an insight into all that we have learnt on our Roman Workshop day. We are sure that we will have lots to share as it sounds like a very exciting day.

We look forward to seeing you in the hall or in the playground if it is a dry day at 3.00!

Kind regards Chris Ames and Rose Merton Year 5 Teachers