Year 6 News

19th May 2016

Year 6 Summer Fair ‘Apprentice Challenge’

Dear Parents,

I am writing to let you know about an exciting project that I am about to launch with the Y6 pupils – The Apprentice Challenge! Being an avid fan of the program myself, I have created a short practical based project to help develop some key skills towards becoming independent citizens, possible entrepreneurs and business owners!  

As before, the pupils will work towards running some stalls at the ‘Wild West Summer Fest’ on Friday 17th June, with some of the funds raised going towards their leaving celebrations being organised by the Y6 teachers.  There will a prize awarded to the most effective team and they will have their name on the Gatehouse School ‘Apprentice Challenge’ trophy.

Although I have been given some ideas for stalls from the PTA, I am asking the pupils to spend some time this week talking to friends and family about what makes a good fete stall and gather some ideas to share in class later this week.  Obviously the pupils will need to consider what they may like as prizes too. Although the PTA are willing to help with supplying these, if you know of any businesses that may want to get involved then please feel free to ask.

Finally, it would be great if as many pupils as possible can be there to run the stalls at the Summer Fair and any parent support would be greatly appreciated. Please could you return the slip to let me know if your child is able to attend the ‘Summer Fest’ so as I can organise the teams with the pupils.

I thank you in advance for your support in this matter.



Mrs Claire Shanahan  and the Year 6 Teaching team.