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Gatehouse Chefs and Bakers!

Many of you have been enjoying cooking and have been sharing photos of your delicious recipes.  We think that some of you should definitely apply for Junior MasterChef next year!

Come take a look!


King of the Pizzas!

Well done for your amazing pizza! He planned, wrote a set of instructions, cooked it and ate it! It looks delicious to me!

Important life skills...

Cooking whole meals!

Abiee has been learning how to make dinner for her family - yummy stew was on the menu!
Sienna has also been cooking whole meals from scratch for her family to enjoy!

Making a sandwich

Breakfast skillz

Cakes and Biscuits

Yummy Scrummy Cookie!

Making scones

Sophie I Dahl Class made this chocolate cake. Doesn’t it look amazing!

Making cup cakes

Cake masters in Murray class!

Here are some more of photos from children in Dahl Class:

Try something different!

Lucie in Year 3, has been extremely adventurous with her cooking.  Below, is a photo she sent of the ingredients she used in her latest recipe - Yes, it is a bowl of stinging nettles! She made nettle soup with her Mum.

Lucie has also been making Dandelion cookies which she said tasted really good.  She even shared the recipe with us: