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Learn to identify garden birds - live camera

Learn how to identify garden birds

Do you know the difference between a Robin and a Chaffinch? 


Identifying different types of birds takes some practice.   You need to look carefully at their markings.  The identification sheet below will help you (click on the link below to print a copy).

Here are some more birds that often come into our gardens in Dawlish.

Can you identify the different types of birds that visit the bird table on the live webcam? 


Have a watch of the Big Birdwatch Live Cam below.  This is a live camera set up on a very busy bird table in a nature reserve in Dorset.   Use the identification sheet to help you.


You never know what type of bird may turn up next – a squirrel even appeared to take some peanuts when I was watching!

#BigGardenBirdwatch Live Cam

LIVE feeder camera 24/7 - at RSPB Arne nature reserve in Dorset.

Find out more about your favourite garden birds

Click on the links below to find out more about the birds visiting your garden.


What do they prefer to eat?

Where do they nest?

What do the young birds look like?

Listen to their song.


Play this card game to help you learn more about the birds - it is like Top Trumps!

You will need to print the sheet and cut out the playing cards.  Click on the link below to see all the cards.  You could even try to make your own set of playing cards!
Can you identify birds from their song?

At this time of year, you will start to notice birds singing more.  The male birds do this to attract a mate so they can build a nest together.   This week, a Song Thrush has been singing loudly from the trees outside Pankhurst Class.  As we get towards Spring, more and more birds will join in.


Perhaps you can learn some of the bird songs you hear.  Watch the BBC Bitesize video to give you some clues about where to start.

Bird song quiz

Test yourself.  Can you identify the five garden birds from their songs?  Watch the BBC Newsround video below.