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Celebration Assembly

Dear parents/ carers


Last week we had a shortened version of our Celebration Assembly with  Learner of the Week only as staff settled into their new ways of working. 


This week we will continue with Learner of the Week with all in school provision certificates being handed out that day and all home learners receiving a virtual certificate that day with the actual certificate being posted to receive at home. 


We will also introduce all of our school ‘Cups’. Cup winners within school will be awarded the cup in school to take home. Home learners who win a cup will be welcome to pick their cup up as part of their daily exercise if walking past the school (a member of staff will take it to the school gate) or we can take a photo of your child with the cup once school is fully open. 


All house point weekly totals, year to date totals and individual certificate winners will also be announced with virtual certificate’s being provided for all pupils, all original certificates will be presented once school fully opens (due to the volume!). 


Headteacher awards will continue to be sent for exceptional learning behaviours. 


Thank you for your continued support. 


Leila Naldrett

Head of School