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Covid-19 reminders

Dear parents/carers


You will all be aware that as a nation we are now under additional restrictions to try and stem the rising cases in Covid-19. As a community it is vitally important that we ALL abide by the rules set out to ensure that cases locally remain as low as possible. 


Inside of the school we are doing all that we can to ensure that both pupils and staff remain safe. 


I would like to remind you all of the important role that you play at school drop off and school pick up. 


1)Social distancing is critical in keeping the spread of Coronavirus down and we would ask that you maintain a minimal distance of 1m+ but ideally 2m at all times . 

2) Please ensure that only 1 adult drops off/picks up

3) You only arrive and wait in your allocated time slot/s

4) Your child/children remain with you at all times and do not cross over into other families.

5) Older pupils that walk down from DCC to meet the rest of the family need to abide by the schools drop off/ pick up guidance. 

6) Some members of our school community are more vulnerable than others and will chose to wear a face covering, please can you ensure that you respect this. Please always be mindful that whilst you may not be in a vulnerable category, many members in our community are and it is all of our responsibilities to ensure we protect them and keep them safe. 


Thank you for your continued understanding and support as we move further into the autumn and winter and the challenges this will bring.


Warm regards


Leila Naldrett

Head of School