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FFT Update

Wednesday 17th March 2020

Dear parent and carers,

Following the updates from the Government last night regarding the corona virus, we are writing with regard to changes that we will be implementing in our schools, as a result of this guidance.

It is our aim that all schools, within the First Federation Trust, will stay open for core business. In the circumstances, we will ensure that staffing levels are appropriate for the number of children attending school.

However, we are sure that you will recognise that over time, staff may also become unwell and this may result in additional pressures for schools to manage sufficient staffing levels and ensure that the children are safe. We would ask that you take this into consideration when contacting the school, as there may be a delay with regard to the level of contact that your school and child’s class teacher normally provide.   Please could we ask that you are sensitive, at this time, to the pressures that school staff may be facing and direct any questions you may have through the school office. Thank you for your understanding with this.

From Wednesday 18th March, we are advising that all of our schools cancel after school clubs. If there are breakfast and after school paid provision provided within your school, then these will continue to provide wrap around care.

Each school will be contacting you regarding individual school events that are due to take place over the next few weeks. We have advised all of our schools to postpone events, from Wednesday 18th, where there will be a significant number of parents or additional adults within school.

In order to limit the number of adults entering the school, we would ask that parents drop off their children at the playground/ doorway but do not enter classrooms. If you need to contact the school, we would ask that you do so by email/phone or, if urgent, through the school office.


  • If anyone in your household has symptoms of the virus, including a high temperature and a (new) cough, the whole household must isolate for 14 days. This will mean that any child, within a family, that is self-isolating, they will not be returning to school prior to the Easter holiday on Friday 27th March.

We appreciate your support and understanding at this time. These measures have been implemented to ensure that we can keep the children, the staff and the wider communities within our Trust, as safe as possible.

Your sincerely


Paul Walker

CEO First Federation Trust