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Parent Messages

Dear parents/ carers

This week, as you can all imagine, school has been a hub of activity and immensely busy with all the sudden changes. The school team, has once again, been truly incredible and have shown grit, determination and wonderful team ethics in order to get you, themselves and the children into new routines as soon as possible. Over the course of the week we have been inundated with wonderful comments of kindness and appreciation which has helped to keep staff motivated. I wanted to share with you a lovely email from one of our parents (who has kindly given us permission) as it summarises well the support and feedback that we have had.

Best wishes

Leila Naldrett

Head of School


Hi Team Gatehouse, Without wishing to add to the volume of email traffic I’m sure you’re receiving, I just wanted to send a short note to say a huge thank you. Thank you for all you did to keep gatehouse safe in the autumn term but also thank you for the past few days. You’ve gone above and beyond what would usually be expected of your profession with little reward or compensation so I can only say a huge thank you for all you’re doing to support the pupils across the community to continue to learn, at yet again - amazingly short notice for another prolonged period of time 🤦🏻‍♀️ Your communications to date are informative and considered - please don’t apologise for lots of messages - communication is vital right now and everything you post out is of benefit! My very best wishes to you all, please, stay safe and remember to look after yourselves and have some down time. No doubt you’ve all worked over the Christmas break and I can’t begin to imagine the number of hours worked over the past few days alone. We are very lucky here to have such a dedicated group of people working at gatehouse - you all truly embody the qualities or perseverance, resilience, patience and kindness that the pupils are privileged to learn from. Here’s to muddling through another period of home learning, where all we can do is our best!

Gatehouse Parent