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Gatehouse are excited to share a new tool called Seesaw ( to share what we're learning in class with you, bring the home, and school environment closer together. Your child will have his or her own learning journal, and you can get notified when your child adds new items. It's completely private - only you can see your child's journal outside of class.


This will not be a daily update. It might be at the end of a sequence of work to show the progress your child has made or a little update of a "wow" moment.


In order for your child to use Seesaw, the app needs your child’s name in order to be able to associate work like their photos, videos or voice recordings with their account. Seesaw only uses this information to provide the service and doesn’t advertise in Seesaw, create profiles of students, or share or sell your child’s personal information or journal content.  You can read more about their strong privacy promises here: Under an EU law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in order for your child to use Seesaw, the school must get your consent.  


Each child can share their work with a couple of people, and is useful for parents in different households. It is not however to be shared with other children or their parents.


Once signed up, you can download the Seesaw parent app for iPhone or Android, or access your child's journal on the web from any desktop computer.