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Update from Mrs Naldrett

Dear parents/carers


I would like to say a big thank you to you all for your patience and understanding with the new staggered start to the day in order to support the Covid-19 guidance provided by the government.


All the children arrived into their classrooms happy, safe and well and I have walked through the school and popped my head into classrooms many times already today and all the children are very settled. It has been wonderful to have a full school, as a  staff we cannot stop smiling!


Just to answer a few enquiries that came from this mornings drop off


1) Children and parents walking down to the second pencil gate - this was decided because it was getting conjested out on the road/ pathway/ horsehoe. All parents/ children were queued with distance between them and not facing each other, the flow and movement was quick and parents turned to walk away without talking to others. The drop off pathway is also outside in the fresh air.


2) EYFS coming across the field and up to the classes to drop off - the field will continue to be used as it provides a quiet, calm start to the day for our youngest pupils who are new to the school to help them settle, parents have been able to drop close to the school as part of the transition period as the staff do not know the children/ parents and vice versa. This will be reviewed by the EYFS team once the children have settled.


None of us knew how drop off what going to go this morning even with well thought out planning, but overall it was successful. 


At pick up, children will be dismissed as a class, the teachers will call out the class name and ask parents from that class to come forward to pick up their child from the same gate that you will have dropped off at this morning.


As a team we will regulary review the drop off/ pick up provision to ensure everyone is safe and will communicate any tweaks/ changes.


Thank you for baring with us whilst we all adapt to the new changes.


Best wishes


Mrs Naldrett




Leila Naldrett

Head of School

Gatehouse Primary Academy

Secmaton Lane





01626 862605