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Year 6 Update

Dear parent/ carers


Thank you for your responses to our Year 6 survey, this has enabled us to plan provision for Year 6 from week commencing 22nd June. I am pleased to inform you that we will be able to provide provision 2 days a week, on a Monday and Tuesday for those that have requested it. However we have had confirmed requests exceeding a bubble of 15, plus we have the existing Year 6 key worker/vulnerable children in a bubble that is at capacity, therefore we have had to be inventive in how we provide this to you, due to staffing limitations. However as a school team we very much wanted to be able to provide the requested provision and want to have as many of our Year 6's back in school as possible. Our plan has been approved by the First Federation Trust. 


The majority of the pupils will form a bubble with Miss Naylor on a Monday and Tuesday which will be in Murray classroom. The remaining 6 pupils will join Miss Millers key worker bubble in Elgar, but will be socially distanced in the adjoining classroom in Rowling with the double doors open, with Mrs Toney supporting them as an extended bubble group. All teaching provision will be the same for all Year 6 pupils. The outlined provision, with the extended bubble will also allow for Year 6 key worker provision that may be needed going forward on a Wednesday and Thursday.


Pupils in Miss Millers bubble and extended bubble will be able to be together for all outside break and lunchtimes as well as outside activities such as PE, as the risk is lower outside. The extended bubble pupils will also have their own MTA to support them whilst eating lunch in the classroom.


Year 6 pupils that will be joining the extended bubble with Miss Miller are all pupils who were previously in Miss Miller's class. 


Later today we will be sending you the details of which bubble your Year 6 pupil will be joining, along with additional details for their safe return.


We are looking forward to seeing the new Year 6's on their return to school on Monday. 


Thank you for your continued support and understanding at this time.


Best wishes


Leila Naldrett

Head of School


Leila Naldrett

Head of School

Gatehouse Primary Academy

Secmaton Lane





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