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Unit 1

Happy Summer Term Unit 1! 


Some exciting announcements. 

This week we are going to be starting our first round of Zoom catch ups with our children. So they will be able to have a catch up with friends and see their class teacher. For this please could you read this letter and ensure you have consented via the Forms link below. You only need to do it once per family. 

Transition - this will also be completed this year via Zoom as we want to ensure the same entitlement for those in school and those at home and this is the best way of doing that. 

Year 1

The virtual school theme for this week is 'Transport.'

This can be found at:

Don't forget to send any learning you have done to the First Federation virtual school team. 

They love seeing your learning!

We have set a wide range of curriculum activities for you to pick and choose what your child enjoys the most. 

Keep using bug club as we can analyse this and set books at the perfect level for your child. 

Also we have set White Rose maths this week and it links perfectly to extra videos and tasks on the BBC bitesize website. 

You could also do their literacy tasks if you prefer but I think our year 2's will love the images we have chose this week. 


Mr Stephens and Mrs Emmerton