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UNIT 1 - Years 1 & 2: Nightingale, Attenborough, Ennis-Hill Classes

Autumn Term Newsletter

Unit 1 - Autumn Term 2019

Dear Parent/Carer,                                                
In September 2013, the government announced that from September 2014, all children in Reception and Years 1 and 2 at state schools in England would be offered an universal free school lunch, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. Universal free school meals also help families save money by providing a menu with a meal each day.
This is based on solid evidence that well-nourished children perform better at school. In pilot areas, children who had a school meal at lunchtime were found to be two months ahead of their peers academically.
We would like to suggest that if your child is in Reception and KS1 that they try our universal school meals from our new catering company Devon Norse every day for one week, beginning Monday 30th September 2019.
 Our suggestion would be that your child can bring in a packed lunch as ‘back up’ if they don’t like the meal offered.  Please can you consider this and let your child’s teacher be aware if your child is ordering a lunch but has a ‘back up’ packed lunch or if you do not wish your child to be part of this.  All going well they will enjoy the meals and universal school meals will be their first choice for lunch every day.
Remember there is no charge for universal free school meals to parents.
Many thanks and kind regards
Mrs Leila Naldrett – Head of teaching and learning
Mr Jason Stephens – Unit 1 Leader

Dear Parents/carers                                                            23rd September 2019





Mrs Chloe Parker-Tanner will be leaving Gatehouse Primary Academy on Friday 17th January 2020 to take an absence of leave due to personal circumstances.


The First Federation Trust will be employing a temporary teacher for a 6 week period, which will include a 2 week handover to ensure routines and consistency are maintained.


Mrs Chloe Parker-Tanner will be returning to Gatehouse Primary Academy on Monday 24th February 2020.


As soon as the appointment has been confirmed, we will let you know who the cover teacher will be.


Many thanks for your support and understanding.


Yours sincerely


Mrs Leila Naldrett

Gatehouse Primary Academy



Academic Year 2018/19

Our Summer Term topic is ...    'The Circus' 

Medium Term Planning

Year 2 - Fire Safety Talk

On Friday 26th April, Year 2 took part in a fire safety workshop which taught them how to stay safe around fire and what to do in an emergency. The children listened well and asked some fantastic questions, they also learnt how to STOP, DROP AND ROLL! 

This term, children in Unit 1 have been learning through the topic of Good to be Me in their PSHE lessons. In order to encourage children to appreciate their own unique qualities as well as those of their classmates, we gave the children a project to complete over a number of weeks. We asked the children to create a 5-10 minute show and tell about themselves and what makes them unique in hope that through completion of this project they would discover similarities as well as differences between themselves and their peers. The presentations were a huge success and children showed real creativity in the way they chose to present! 

Circus Hook Day! Tuesday 23rd April

Unit 1 started the Summer term with their exciting Circus Hook Day. We completed a range of different activities including juggling, plate spinning, team games, clown art work and singing songs from The Greatest Showman. They children enjoyed the day and are now excited for the term of topic learning ahead. We would like to say a big thank you to our families for the effort that was put into the children's costumes. 

Unit 1 News 5th April 2019

Kenya Class Assembly

On Thursday 21st March Kenya Class performed their class assembly to their friends and family. As part of the assembly they shared their topic learning and how they are trying to 'Save the Bees.' Kenya Class will be transforming the school garden to make it a more bee friendly place in the coming weeks. Well done Kenya Class!

Our Spring Term topic is ...    'Magnificent Minibeasts'

Minibeast Hunt - Year 2

The children really enjoyed hunting the nature garden for mini beasts this week.

Christmas craft morning

Farm in a Tray - Home Learning Projects

Our Autumn Term topic is ...    'Food and Farming' 

Instruction writing - Sandwich making

Harvest - Vegetable cakes

On Tuesday 16th October Year 2 went to Farmwise in Exeter. This was a fantastic event that aimed to teach the children more about farming in Devon, how food is produced in Devon's farms and how farming links to the countryside. The children represented the school brilliantly and a fun day was had by all.


Unit 1 Newsletter 30th Nov

Unit 1 Newsletter

Please be advised that we have a confiirmed case of impetigo in Year 1. Follow the link below for more information:


Unit 1 Autumn Newsletter

Autumn Term Topic From Farm to Fork

Academic Year 2017/18

Norway Class Assembly

On Thursday 3rd May, Norway class took the assembly for the whole school. We told the school about all the learning we do in year one by making a special video and singing a song. 

Year 2 Striking and Fielding festival

On Friday 4th May a group of 12 year 2 children went to DCC to attend a striking and fielding event. The children had a fantastic time and represented Gatehouse Primary Academy brilliantly.


‘My favourite part was throwing the ball from the blue line. We had to see who threw it the furthest.’ Alexandra


‘My favourite part was when we had to run in and out of the cones because it was fun. The other children counted.’ Maizie


‘I tried to throw the ball really far but one both caught the ball, I still got 4 laps!’ Henry

Poland Class Assembly

Poland shared their learning to the rest of the school in their class assembly. They showed photos and videos and sang a song about under the sea.

Maths Resources