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UNIT 2 - Years 3 & 4: Dahl, Peake, Farah, Pankhurst Classes

Computing in Year 4 - Autumn 2020

In Year 4, we have been beginning to get to grips with basic HTML computer coding and website design.  

Year 4 learnt how to insert and modify the text by making things bold, create headings and paragraphing to create new lines. They were also able to change the background colour, font colour by modifying the CSS styles. 

Finally, they found the code online for pictures and insert them into her own page. 

Check out Gracie's code below.

Geography in Year 3 - Autumn 2020

Favourite Memories from Previous Academic Years Learning


As part of our trip into Dawlish, we also spent some time on the beach, where some of us helped to do a beach clean to help keep our community clean and our local wildlife safer.