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Visions and Values

Our School Values

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Love - "Loving is rally liking. It means being kind, caring, supportive, respectful at all times and to everyone".


Faith - "There are many difference faiths.  We have faith in others, and should be faithful to them.  Always be honest, kind and ready to help".


Joy - "Everyone in school has the right to be happy and be treated well.  No one should ever be sad".


Kindness - "Treat others as you want to be treated.  Always be kind and give people a hand when they need it".


Humility - "Be happy for others successes. Don't show off or boast.  Be thankful for everything". 


Forgiveness - "Accepting an apology. Don't hold a grudge.  Always say sorry if you know you've done something wrong so people can forgive you".

Gatehouse Primary Academy

Our Vision


In the next three to five years we are working towards:

  • all teaching being at least good and 25% are outstanding, so that learning standards in all classes are above average.

  • children, who love school, are skilled, reflective learners and are resilient, because they can learn in a variety of ways.

  • children who are smart, respectful and are proud of themselves and their school.

  • children who take advantage of a ratio of a computer between 3 children in the school, with every member of staff having an up-to-date laptop, whilst also incorporating new technology as it evolves.

  • a modern building with the facilities to serve the local community, which is completely inclusive and accessible by all.

  • using the school grounds (and especially the forest) as a beautiful and interactive learning resource and where every child from Year 4 and upwards is given the opportunity to be enriched by a residential trip.

  • a foundation stage learning area that further enriches and enhances the outdoor curriculum, which provides the WOW factor for children on arrival.

  • better contacts with all local schools, through school council meetings, music concerts and sporting events, whilst also deepening links with First Federation schools and local high schools by regular meetings.

  • a purposeful, cross-curricular, skills-based curriculum that has planned progression and meaningful experiences for all to learn from.

  • a full time teaching assistant attached to every class to provide high quality intervention strategies that are designed for the children who are targeted for support.

  • staff who are informed and supported to develop their on-going training needs and further their CPD to enhance their future career prospects.

  • creating a range of parent helpers to provide enrichment activities, including hearing readers and providing extra skills-based learning.

  • creating an effective communication system where all staff are informed of operational procedures and parents feel informed about their child’s progress and their next-steps learning.

  • 75% of our children doing at least 1 hour of extra-curricular sport per week, 50% of our KS2 children taking part in inter-school competitions and all children taking part in regular competitive sporting events within the class.

  • 90% of children eating healthily in school, especially at lunchtimes.