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Wellbeing Wednesdays



Coping with the news and staying mentally healthy during self-isolation can be a challenge.

That’s why we’ve created a Gatehouse Wellbeing Activity Calendar to help the whole family find some quality time each day to do an activity that will boost wellbeing and look after your mental health. 

This calendar will be sent home alongside your weekly home learning packs and the activities are things you can do in the home or virtually with family or friends.

Alongside this, we are also launching WELLBEING WEDNESDAY, which is a weekly key-focus day where all pupils, in school and at home, will be teaming up with some Mental Health Super Heroes; who will be providing them with some superpowers aimed to help improve wellbeing J

We believe that supporting our pupils with their wellbeing will help them to flourish in these testing times and can become resilient young people; we hope that you are able to support them in the activities as well.

If you have any questions, please send them to Mrs Deacon, via the school admin website.

Thank you and take care!

Mrs Deacon