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At Gatehouse Primary Academy we teach the children to take pride in their work through their presentation and handwriting.


Progression in Handwriting skills:


Foundation Stage

- To sit correctly at a table and use a comfortable and efficient pencil grip.

- To write from left to right.

- To write letters with the correct sequence of movements.

-To begin to form letters of regular size and shape.



-To put regular spaces between letters and words.

-To form lower case letters of the correct size relative to one another.

-To practise writing on lines with descenders and ascenders correctly placed.

-To form capital letters correctly.

- To form digits 0-9 correctly.

- To understand which letters belong to which handwriting ‘families’ (i.e. letters that are formed in similar ways) and to practise these.

-To develop a pre-cursive handwriting style.



-To develop a cursive handwriting style.

- To build up handwriting speed, fluency and legibility through practice.

- To transfer writing skills from pencil to pen (if pen licence is earnt). 

-To write legibly and fluently in a sustained piece of writing.