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Wrap Around Care

Over the Autumn term 2023 we have welcomed many new families to Gatehouse Childcare. We were blessed with warm weather and spent time outside playing the first half term. Children have made friends and got reaquainted with old ones.

After half term we had Halloween and then into Christmas. We played games and for Christmas made cards, tree decorations, wrote letters to Santa and serched the room for chocolates hidden my our own naughty elf Oaksey.

This term the weather so far has not been so kind but we’ve still managed to get out a few times, board games and construction has been a great way to spend time with others here, or the children have just sat chatting.

Planning for Year 2024

Spring Term - 1st Half

Theme - Winter - Big bird watch, Valentine Day

Spring Term - 2nd Half

Theme - Explore & Investigate/Mother's Day


Summer Term 2024

Theme - Dens/Euro 2024

Planning for the Wrap Around Care - 2022/23

Autumn Term 1st Half - Harvest festival, Halloween

Autumn Term 2nd Half - Remembrance, Christmas, Men's Football World Cup

Spring Term - 1st Half - Mother's Day, Easter

Spring Term - 2nd Half - The Kings Coronation, Pirates and Dens

All areas of learning and development covered - guided and free play


Wrap Around Care - new mobile number 07543302089

Parents can call during the club's opening times and at any other time please leave a text message and they will reply to you as soon as possible.



4th April 2022


As a result of the questionnaire regarding our wrap around care for Gatehouse Childcare these are the new prices and times:


Breakfast times - same times - price increase by £0.50 per session to £4.75 per child


1st session  After School Club - same times - price increase by £0.50 per session to £4.50 per child

2nd session After School Club - reduced by half a hour, now closing at 5.30pm - new price of £7.50 per child


Due to low numbers we will now finish earlier on a Thursday at 4.30pm.


These changes will come into effect after the summer 1st half term on Tuesday 7th June 2022 for the timings and the new price change will start after the summer term 2022.  

This will be reviewed after a period of 3 terms.


If you are unexpectedly late to collect your child, please inform the club by telephone immediately.

You may be charged an additional cost, the pricing that applies to the later session, til 5.30pm,  and if after 5.30pm, or on the days the club closes at 4.30pm, a late collection fee of £20.00 will be applied.



Wrap Around Care

“We listen to stories”


We offer an on-site, home from home, safe, caring and friendly environment for children before and after school hours with themed activities to suit all ages.


There is a range of food for breakfast and a simple snack type tea for those staying for the later session in the evening.


We encourage children to use their imaginations and create their own play.


  • We are open each day during the school term and are conveniently located in ‘The Pad’ at the front of the school.
  • We collect the children from their classroom.
  • Children start the afternoon with a drink and a piece of fruit.
  • There are many activities den making, cooking, board games, construction toys, books and football.
  • Use of computers and the library to help with homework.


“We can play with our friends and make dens.”



There are many activities available from board games, cooking, books, and creative crafts.  Children can do homework or play in the outside area.  The Club Manager has planned co-ordinated activities which the children can participate in.  The school facilities are often available for activities and during the summer much time is spent outside.


Admission Procedures and Booking

Parent information and booking forms are available from Mrs Toney or the school office.  We must have current contact details and bookings must be booked and paid for at least half term in advance, unless a payment plan has been agreed.  If you would like to visit or meet our staff, please contact the manger, Mrs Toney, through the school office to organise this.



If your child needs to take any medication whilst at the club a permission form must be completed as in the school day.  Only medication which has prescribed by a doctor with a prescription label can be administered by staff.


Fees and Payments

All bookings should be paid in advance and booking forms completed and returned to the wrap around care staff.  If you need a short notice booking, please call the school office on 01626 862605 to confirm space is available (we may not be able to immediately confirm places).  Payments should be made through parentpay or by cheque payable to The First Federation Trust.

(FFT Debt Recovery Policy will be followed if payment is not received



If you no longer require the session, please let us know as soon as possible.  If your child is absent from school due to sickness please leave a message with the staff if they have a booking made with us. There is no reduction of rate for sickness and charges will be applied if a cancellation is made less than 24 hours prior to booking.


Safeguarding and Confidentiality

We maintain confidentiality and information regarding our children as in line with school policy, safeguarding and data protection.


Management of the Club

The club is run by Gatehouse Primary Academy and subject to all the school policies.  These are available on our website or the First Federation protection.


All parents who register their child for out of hours’ childcare will be required to complete a booking form in advance for each half term.  These forms are available from staff at wrap around care.


Educational Themes

Each term there is an exciting theme for themed activities such as “Explorers” or “Pirates”.


Areas of development and learning such as:


  • Personal and social development
  • Language and literacy
  • Problem solving and numeracy
  • Knowledge and understanding of world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development


Contact Details


Gatehouse Primary Academy

Wrap Around Care

Secmaton Lane




School Office 01626 862605 - office opens at 8.15am and closes at 4.00pm



Meet the Team


Mrs Bryantrowe – Play Assistant (breakfast and after school club)

Mrs Bryantrowe has worked at Gatehouse for many years, working across the school with children across the school with children. Before this she was a Nursery Nurse.  She also is part of the Dawlish Brownies team.


Mrs Toney – Play Leader/Manager

Mrs Toney has worked at Gatehouse almost from the beginning and joined the wrap around team shortly after it began.  She enjoys enabling children to use their imaginations and play in a safe environment.


Mrs McLaughlan – Play Assistant (breakfast)

Mrs McLaughlan is a member of our meal time assistants at lunchtime.  


Mrs Robinson – Play Assistant (after school)

Mrs Robinson has worked at Gatehouse in many different jobs.  She works at lunchtime as well as volunteering in class.


Miss Heagney - Play Assistant

Miss Heagney is a teaching assistant at our school.


Ms Findlay - Play Assistant

Ms Findlay is a MTA at our school.





Come and join us!