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Wellbeing Vision Statement


At Gatehouse Primary Academy, we are committed to adopting a 'whole-school' approach to ensure positive emotional wellbeing and mental health for all pupils, parents and staff. We believe that a state of being healthy;both mentally and physically as well as being happy best encompasses the broad concept of wellbeing. It is our goal to intertwine this message into the fabric of the school so that mental health is at the forefront of everything that we do and will facilitate a happy, healthy and positive school experience for all of our school community.


What we are doing well



  • Annual pupil participation in the ‘Take 5’ Wellbeing festival held in the Autumn term
  • A dedicated wellbeing room for pupils in the school
  • Introducing pupil mental health ambassadors from early Autumn 2021, who are supported by x 2 trained staff
  • Nurture groups and social skills groups for pupils which develop coping strategies and emotional intelligence in small groups. Staff are trained in Mind Time, Thrive approaches and Lego Therapy in order to support this. 
  • ‘Take 5’ areas in all classrooms, for pupils to calm and deregulate as required
  • On return to school in the Autumn all pupils complete a wellbeing check and pupils are rag rated by teachers to identify need and immediate support through the Family Support Worker or support as class level. Pupils have the opportunity to complete these across the rest of the academic year when needs arise
  • All pupils identify x 2 trusted adults that they feel confident to talk to.
  • PSHE curriculum that plans for wellbeing
  • Access to wellbeing during the day through e.g GoNoodle in EYFS
  • The school follows the concept of a Growth Mindset and has 6 characters agreed by staff and children e.g Resilient Penguin



  • Wellbeing staff supported through a staff wellbeing team
  • Staff recognition system through ‘You’ve been Mugged’ where the wellbeing staff team recognise that a staff member has gone above and beyond and fills a mug with their favourite treats
  • A dedicated quiet area of the staff room for wellbeing with sofas, magazines and treats box
  • Regular reminders and updates to staff to support their wellbeing through recommended reading, Apps and exercise and communicated either by email or staff meetings
  • Professional development to all staff from PSHE lead on the curriculum and CPD (Continued Professional Development) on Mental Health and wellbeing through the wellbeing team.




  • Family Support Worker to support parents, this includes Timid to Tiger courses for parents 
  • Coffee mornings for parents to attend
  • Family Support Worker has a dedicated email and phone for easy direct access
  • Wellbeing newsletter


What we are Planning and Developing


  • SLT to review the Education Staff Wellbeing Charter (DfE 2021).
  • All pupils will have access to a ‘worry’ box that they can self – refer which will be checked and followed up by staff.
  • All pupils will take part in the NSPCC’s Speak out and Stay Safe programme in October
  • The school will continue to review provision and understand how we support emotional wellbeing and mental health, and where strengths, gaps or areas for development in provision exist.
  • We will ensure regular communication of our vision and progress to the whole-school community through the mediums of assemblies, newsletters, and lessons.