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Music - Body of Knowledge

Music - Curriculum Map

Summer Term 2021

Again it was another busy term for music at Gatehouse with lots of singing, glockenspiels and Jumbie Jams! We were fortunate enough to have a set of Jumbie Jams (child friendly steel pans) in school for the term, which were enjoyed by children across all year groups. Unit 1, in particular, learned to play 'Twinkle Star', before composing and performing their own simple tunes! In stark contrast, Unit 2 explored music and instruments from the Romantic era with an in-depth study of Brahms! Despite the difficulties encountered by Covid19, we brought safe singing into school and with thanks to our dedicated children, staff and technology, our Unit 3 productions still went ahead! These were sent to parents via our online platforms.

Spring Term 2021

The Spring Term saw a great many challenges for our music curriculum, but our children have been amazing! Across the school, they have been singing, playing, performing, composing and learning about the history of music! 

EYFS - The children have continued to explore making and listening to music, building on their repertoire of songs and dances. The children are provided with indoor and outdoor areas in which they can explore the sounds of different instruments.

Unit 1 - The children have been exploring percussion. They explored using their bodies in different ways to make sounds and then used instruments to accompany nursery rhymes! The children particularly enjoyed listening to 'Peter and the Wolf' and learning about how instruments can be used to represent different characters.

Unit 2 - In Year 3, the children have been learning about the history of music with a particular focus on Beethoven! The focus in Year 4 has been learning about musical terminology and describing the 'timbre' of a piece of music. The children have been identifying time signatures and learning how to conduct!

A huge congratulations to all children Unit 3 who demonstrated their musical skills in a beautiful, Covid friendly Easter performance. Thank you to all involved for making this such huge success!

Autumn Term 2021

Unit 1 put together an amazing Covid friendly production of 'Christmas with the Aliens'. A huge thank you to the children, parents and staff for all their hard work and making the performance such success! Well done Unit 1!

Music in Year 4 - The children have been learning how to read music and looking at the 'shape of the melody! They have learnt lots of new musical terms!

Some of the fantastic learning in Years 5 and 6

In Unit 1 the children have been learning about beat and rhythm. They really enjoyed marching to the 'The March Past of the Kitchen Utensils! They have been composing their own rhythms and enjoyed listening to Benjamin Britten's 'The Storm'.

In Unit 3, children are playing the glockenspiel to help them learn about standard musical notation.

In EYFS, children have been exploring various percussion instruments and the sounds that they make.

Unit 1's performance of 'The Enormous Turnip' for our Harvest celebrations!