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Who's Who


Leadership Team


Mrs Leila Naldrett - Head of School and Designated Safeguarding Leader of the School

Mrs Pyne - EYFS Unit Leader Part Time (Safeguarding Lead)

Miss Parker - Unit 1 Team Leader 

Mr Stephens - Unit 2  (Safeguarding Lead)

Mr White  - Unit 3 and Temporary Deputy Head of School  (Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Haddy - Business Manager

Miss Naylor - SENCo (Safeguarding Lead)

Miss Slater - HUB SENCo 


Teaching Staff

Mrs Skelton and Mrs Walker - Potter - Reception Class

Mrs Pyne and Mrs Watts - Donaldson - Reception Class

Mrs Bell  - Year 1 - Nightingale Class

Mrs Parker   - Year 1/2 - Ennis Hill

Mrs Fraser and Mrs Borbon - Year 2 - Attenborough Class

Mrs Anderson - Year 3 - Dahl Class

Mrs  Ames  - Year 3 - Peake Class 

Miss Tomlinson - Year 4 - Farah Class

Mr Stephens - Year 4 - Pankhurst Class

Miss Emmerton  - Year 5/6 - Rowling Class

Miss Miller  - Year 5/6 - Elgar Class

Mr White  - Year 5/6 - Murray Class


Mrs  Toye -  PPA Cover

Mr Harman - PPA Cover

Mrs Bradley, Mrs Deacon, Mrs Mclleland  - Supporting teacher roles


Teaching Assistants


Mr Corbett

Mrs Fisher

Mrs Cross

Mrs Key

Mrs Westlake

Mrs Davies

Mrs Toye

Mrs Bradford

Mrs Trapnell

Mrs Bridle

Mrs Cottrell

Mrs Back

Mrs Hunting

Mrs Bryant-Rowe

Mrs Nelson


Meal Time Assistants


Mrs Heagney

Mrs Corbiere

Mrs Robertson

Mrs Hammond-Daines

Mrs Cross

Mrs Petherick


Admin Staff and Support Staff

Mrs Petch - Reception/Administrator

Mrs  Holman - Receptionist / MTA Supervisor

Miss Rowsell - Senior Administrator

Mrs  Cook - Family Support Worker (Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Toney - After School Club Manager

Mrs Martin - After School Club

Mrs Cooper - After School Club

Mr Grimshaw - Caretaker


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Cridland

Mrs Symes

Mrs Cloak


Sports Coach

Nathan Keast