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Information about the school day


At the end of the summer term, we communicated with you that we would let you know in the week before school restarted of the school’s intentions linked to the protective Covid measures. We have waited for the updated guidance from the department from education before making our final decisions. This has not been easy, as the guidance now encourages that school’s return to as ‘near normal’ as possible, but you will all be aware, that in recent months in the south west we have had the highest number of positive cases since the pandemic began. As a leadership team we have sought to find a middle ground that will both support pupil mental health and wellbeing by no longer having class bubbles and therefore enabling more socialisation but also ensuring that staff, children and the community remain as protected as possible.

The measures that will be in place will be under constant review and any changes will be communicated to you.

Outlined below are the measures that will remain and those that will change (more detail will be provided in the updated risk assessment which will be completed upon guidance from the FFT).

Covid Measures to Remain

  • enhanced cleaning
  • all children and staff to be vigilant with handwashing and hygiene measures
  • classroom ventilation
  • all over 11’s to wear a face mask at school drop off/pick or whilst on the school site, unless exempt (we are aware that this is now personal choice, but we strongly encourage you to support us with this whilst transmission rates remain high) 
  • social distancing (this again will be encouraged whilst transmission rates remain high)

Covid Measures to Change

  • start and end to the school day (see table below)
  • parents can now visit the school office but this will be on a ‘one in, one out’ basis and parents will need to queue outside. You can of course still contact the school via email/telephone as you have been for the last 18 months.
  • parents/carers can attend on site meetings, however some meetings will still be held via the telephone/Zoom
  • break and lunchtimes will no longer be based on ‘bubbles’, but will be staggered to minimise the number of classes out on the playground/in the hall at any given time.
  • after school clubs will recommence (see separate communication regarding this)
  • we will gradually start to reintroduce assemblies in the hall, however initially these will be via Zoom whilst transmission rates are high and to enable us to get the children used to being back in the hall with larger groups of children and adults

Start and End of the Day

Whilst Covid rates remain high locally we want to ensure the minimum amount of additional adults on the school site as possible, but fully appreciate that some parents may have found the staggered starts/ end to the day a challenge, especially those whose work contractual hours meaning that you needed to be work at a certain time.

With this in mind, from the 7th September, school drop off time will return to a window of 8.40am – 8.55am with morning registration at 8.55am and school pick up time will return to 3.20pm for all children. The morning has a ‘window’ of drop off, however in order to ensure that there is not congestion in the horseshoe at pick up, the pick up places are different for EYFS and KS1. Mrs Pyne will also be in contact on Monday with the EYFS parents to further explain where their location for drop off/ pick up is, as those of you new to the school may be unsure. Please could we also ask that only one parent/carer drops off/picks up where possible.


Start of the Day

8.40am – 8.55am

End of the Day



Previous drop off point – the double doors, near the KS1 playground.

Entry through the left hand small main gate

The classroom doors by the EYFS outside play area

Entry and departure through the left hand small main gate, the gate will open at 3.10pm.


For those that have children in KS1, you can walk around the front of the school building to pick up KS1 in the playground and all depart from the pencil gate.

Unit 1

(Year 1 and 2)

Pencil gate, drop and go, staff members will take the children into school

KS1 playground.

Nightingale parents/carers to wait in the playground marking block at the far side, nearest the hedge


parents to wait in the middle block marking

Attenborough parents/carers to wait in the nearside block, closest to the play equipment.

Class teachers will take the children out to meet you.

Entry and departure through the pencil gate, the gate will open at 3.10pm 

Unit 2

(Years 3 and 4)

Main gate, drop and go, staff members will take the children into school

Main gate, a staff member will drop the children to the gate for collection

Unit 3

(Years 5 and 6)

Main gate, drop and go, a staff members will take the children into school

Main gate, a staff member will drop the children to the gate for collection


If you have multiple children across the school, please be assured that no child will be allowed to leave the school until you have picked your child up e.g if you are picking up a younger pupil from inside the school grounds, the teachers will hold onto your KS2 pupils until you have walked to the horseshoe. For older pupils who are allowed to walk home, please can you complete the slip which will be sent to you separately from the school office.

We are fully aware that the start and end to the day are a new ‘change’ and as such will take a little while to embed and get used to, but, just like last year when we needed to introduce the staggered start/end to the day, it will soon become routine. It would be really helpful if you could remind your children of their new class name e.g Nightingale for the first few days, as this will help staff drop the children to the correct classrooms.

Class teachers can be communicated to via Seesaw, but please ensure that this is related to classroom matters only, all other enquiries should come through the school office. Please also be aware that teachers are in class all day teaching and often have training and meetings after school, so may not be able to contact you immediately.

Lastly just a reminder that during the school holidays the rules changed regarding self isolation, From Monday 16 August, people who are double jabbed or aged under 18 will no longer be legally required to self-isolate if they are identified as a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case. Instead of self-isolating, those who are double jabbed and under 18s identified as close contacts of positive coronavirus (COVID-19) cases are advised to get a free polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test as soon as possible, but are still able to attend their place of work or school until the test results are in, if your child tests positive they will then need to self isolate. However anyone who develops COVID-19 symptoms should self-isolate and get a PCR test, and remain in isolation until the result comes back.

If any of you have had a difficult or challenging summer and need to talk to someone at school, we are more than happy to help and assist, our family support worker Bev Cook can be contact via the school office or via direct email -

We are very much looking forward to welcoming all of the children back into school and have an exciting term of learning and events planned which we will communicate to you once term has begun.

Leila Naldrett

Head of School

Reminder - Pick Up - Summer Term 2021

If you have not already informed your child's teacher please ensure that you contact the school office before 12 o'clock each day if you need to collect your child early or there is a change in person who is collecting the child.

Your child will not be handed over to anyone unless you have advised the school office/teacher.

If there is any confusion you will be contacted to confirm that the correct adult is collecting your child.

As the children get older it is still vital to advise us of your wishes on how they come to and from school.

If a child is to be collected during the school day, please go straight to the school gate and ring our intercom.

If you are running late to pick up your child please let the school office know so arrangements can be made.

Many thanks

Gatehouse School Office

Autumn 2020 Changes to the Start/End of the School Day


Due to Covid 19 the school is currently running a temporary staggered start and end to the school day, please see the details below. Break times and lunchtimes have also been adjusted but will still provide the same time for each class and all classes with still receive the same directed teaching time.



Start of the day

Gates Open


End of the day

Gates Open

EYFS – field gate




Unit 1 – pencil gate


8.45 -8.50am


Unit 2 – main gate




Unit 3 – pencil gate


9.05 -9.10am


The School Day (non Covid 19)


08.40 - Gates open


08.50 - Pupils in Class

08.55 - Registration 

09.05 - Gate closes


  • All children are expected to be in school each morning by 08.50 a.m. in order to attend registration at from 08.55 a.m. and registration will close at 9.05a.m.
  • Any child arriving after 09.05 a.m. will be recorded as “late after registration”. Those arriving after 9-30 a.m. will be recorded as having an unauthorised absence, unless a reason is received from parents/guardians when an authorised absence will be given.


  • Please be reminded if your child arrives after 09.05am to bring them to the main office so they can be signed into school and taken down to class. This will minimise the disruption to the other pupils in the school who have already started lessons.


Morning Break

10.30 – 10.45am


Foundation Stage

11.45 – 13.00 - Lunch


Year 1/Year 2

12.00 – 13.00 - Lunch


Key Stage 2 Pupils

12.15 - 13.15 - Lunch


  • Children are registered for afternoon sessions at 1.15 p.m. Any child arriving into school after 1-30 p.m. will be recorded as having an unauthorised absence, unless a reason is received from parents/guardians when an authorised absence will be given.


15.20 - End of School Day


15.20 - 16.30 Various School Clubs (Monday to Thursday)



Breakfast Club

07.30 - 08.50


After School Club

15.20 - 18.00