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Approach to Spelling in KS2

In Key Stage 2, we use an investigative approach to spelling. Through this approach, pupils are encouraged to be more active in their learning as they look more deeply at words by investigating spelling rules, word meanings and origins.

  • We use a Word Study approach which builds on knowledge about words that the children have already acquired through phonics teaching and expands it to develop critical thinking, word observation skills, vocabulary enrichment, discussion and reading skills. Links are made to both reading and writing.
  • Pupils develop the skills to investigate spellings through a range of practical tasks such as word observation and word sorting activities. They are challenged to find other examples and exceptions to the rules. They reflect on what they have learned through discussion and application to writing in order to demonstrate their understanding.
  • Words from the statutory spelling lists are included each term - many of which have irregular spelling patterns - and we look at a range of techniques and strategies to support the learning of these.