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School Council

Gatehouse School Council 2020/21


Our school council is a group of children who are elected from Years 2-6 to represent the views of all children and to improve our school.


The school council meet each half of term with Mrs Naldrett to agree the priorities for the school for the academic year ahead and which charities the school will support.

School Council Charity Fundraising 2020/21


We agreed on the charities that we would raise money for this year, we wanted a mixture of charities that supported children who are less fortunate than ourselves, national and local charities. Those that have an asterisk* below are charities from last year that we did not support due to Lockdown 1 which we will now support this year.


School Council Charities 2020/21  


  • Children in Need (National) 

  • Save the Children Christmas Jumper (National) 

  • British Red Cross Devon * 

  • Devon Coronavirus Response and Recovery 

  • RSPCA South Devon * 

  • Air Ambulance Devon * 

  • Comic Relief (National) 

  • Plants for a Future (Cornwall)* 



Projects/Ideas for school improvement 2020/21 


  • School Noticeboards for children across the school  

  • Fences where lost PE/Play equipment could easily be retrieved 

  • School council ‘play’ for all pupils about Covid 19 

  • Staff Christmas play 

  • Post Covid 19 a talent show 

  • Play equipment per class always kept well stocked and items replaced 

  • Class dance/ disco 

  • School pets (or fish that all the school could see/ visit) 

  • Extend the school garden/ wildlife areas  


In 2019/2020 the school council ran and supported the following charitable events


Nov 2019 - £294.52 - Children in Need

Dec 2019 - £133.10 - Save the Children Christmas Jumper Appeal

Jan 2020 - £194.20 - Macmillan Nurses

Jan 2020 - £220.85 - World Wildlife Fund (Bush Fires in Australia)

Feb 2020 - Just One Tree - £31.44

Mar 2020 Sports Relief - £205.62