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Year 5 - Sailing Trip

Dear Parents/carers

Thank you to everyone who took part in our survey regarding the opportunity for our Year 5’s sailing residential.

The Island Trust out of Plymouth have three boats that the children would stay on for three days (two nights) accompanied on each boat by two adults from Gatehouse as well as two sea staff from The Island Trust who would teach them how to sail the boats. Whilst on board they would learn all about sailing the boat, from helping to get the sails up and down, having a go at helming (steering) and lots of other things to do with the sea and the natural environment.

Sailing is a really beneficial activity that can help children develop their confidence, improve their well being and allow them to gain some important life skills.

The dates offered are Monday 22nd to Friday 26thMay 2023 with half the group going Monday to Wednesday and half the group going Wednesday to Friday to allow as many children to sail as possible.

At this stage we have an approximate costing of £247.00 per child. Unlike a residential costing the accommodation element is per boat not per child. It is difficult to predict the overall price per child until parents/carers have committed to the project with a deposit. The more children that attend, the cost will reduce per child.

Children who are eligible for free school meals are exempt from paying for food and lodging.

With any holiday there are particular rules about payments and refunds, we have attached to the letter the terms of conditions of our booking from the Island Trust, please read them very carefully. We would like to bring your attention to the Charter Fees and Cancellation sections. Once we pay the deposit for the vessels we are committed to the project.

As you can imagine this type of venture is booked up quite quickly and therefore we are asking at this stage for a deposit of £50.00 per child, payable on parentpay by the Friday 14th October.

Once this payment is made, consent has been given for your child, also our expectation is that you understand the terms and conditions and will continue with your instalments to complete the full commitment, per child pricing. You are fully aware of the terms and conditions regarding refunds and cancellation.

Once deposits have been made we will then know the number of children committed to going and can plan how many vessels we will need, a booking can be made and the final overall costing per child can be confirmed.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely

Jason Stephens