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Year 6 Residential

Last reminders for the Year 6 residential (23rd May to 27th May 2022)

Dear Parent / Carer Here are a few reminders for Monday.

We have met with the children this afternoon and we are all very excited and looking forward to a fantastic week. We have extra copies of the kit list and the medical form in case you need them.

Leaving Gatehouse on Monday 23rd May Children should be dropped off at school at 9:30am.

Staff will help children bring their bags into the hall. After loading the coach, we will aim to leave Gatehouse around 10:15am.

Packed lunches for Monday Please provide your child with a packed lunch (in a disposable bag).

Children who have ordered a packed lunch from the school kitchen will be able to collect it on Monday morning.

Medicines - IMPORTANT Please pass all medicines and the completed forms directly to Mrs Bradford on Monday morning – she will be at the school gate.

Remember that medical forms need to be completed for asthma inhaler and travel sickness tablets, as well as any additional medications.

Returning to school on Friday 27th May We aim to arrive back in school at approximately 2:15pm (traffic permitting).

The school office will be updated on our progress and they will post messages on the school website if this changes. Additional reminders:

• No mobile phones or electrical equipment.

• Please label luggage with your child’s name. • It is really important that all clothing is named.

• Spending money is optional – a maximum of £5 please in a named purse!

It will be a tiring week, so please try to ensure your child gets plenty of sleep this weekend! In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us via Seesaw if have any last minute queries or concerns.

We will check for messages over the weekend.

Yours sincerely

Jason Stephens Debbie Miller Luke Harman

Revised Year 6 Kit List -

Adventure Okehampton Residential 23rd – 27th May 2022

Weather on Dartmoor is unpredictable, so please ensure you bring appropriate clothing for all types of weather.

What to bring:

• Waterproof coat

• Waterproof over trousers (if you have them) • 2 Towels (one for washing and one for wet activities)

• Swimwear

• Wash kit

• Night clothes

• Plenty of T-shirts

• At least two long-sleeved tops, e.g. sweatshirts / fleeces

• At least one pair of shorts (you will need to wear shorts with wet suits)

• 2 pairs of old loose trousers/tracksuit bottoms (not jeans)

• 2 pairs of thick socks

• Walking boots or stout footwear

• 2 pairs of old trainers or similar (one pair to wear in the water)

• Comfy shoes/slippers (for inside the hostel)

• A small rucksack/day bag

• Two plastic bags (for dirty or wet kit to be taken home)

• Sun cream and a sun hat

• Hand sanitiser

• Drinks bottle – really important as this will be refilled each day

• Torch All bedding is provided.

Wetsuits and all specialist equipment is provided.