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Rewards and Celebrations

Reward Stickers

Children receive stickers throughout the day to encourage and praise their achievements.


Pot of Gold

Each class has a behaviour chart and every day the children start on the sunshine and can move up and down the levels. Pot of Gold is awarded daily in each EYFS class to those that progress through the levels to reach the pot of gold by demonstrating excellent behaviour or a fantastic attitude to learning. Children can then pick a prize from the treasure chest to take home.



Characteristics of Effective Learning Stickers

The characteristics of effective learning are all about how children learn. These are awarded to children who demonstrate a positive approach to their learning throughout the day. 



Tryatops - I try my best and never give up.


Stickosauraus - I stick at tasks and persevere.



Solveosaurus Rex - I work hard to solve problems.


Thinkodocus - I think carefully about what I learn.






Shareonyx - I choose ways to do things.


Explorosaur - I explore everything around me




Askaraptor - I ask questions and find things out.

Weekly Celebration Assembly


The EYFS cup is awarded weekly in Friday’s celebration assembly. It is awarded to a child from the EYFS Unit who has demonstrated an exceptional attitude to learning and has gone above and beyond throughout the week, perhaps demonstrating one of our school values such as Kindness or Respect.


Learner of the Week

The Learner of the Week certificate is also awarded during the whole-school celebration assembly, to one person from both Potter and Donaldson class who has made a particular effort to engage with their learning.